Terms of sale. - General information .


1. This document, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, defines the general conditions for the use of the Internet services of this website and the rules for orders.
2. The services on this website is aimed exclusively at professional photographers and industry professionals.
3. We reserve the sole right to make changes to these terms and conditions without notice or notify you about them, all the changes made take effect immediately and are displayed on this site.
When using the services on this page, please accept these terms and conditions, which then will be an agreement between the user / photographer and web sites / lab.
It is therefore recommended that you regularly get to know the terms and conditions, after every time we made up a new update. 4. After reading the following terms and conditions and accept them, click on "Accept".
Please note that the lack of or refusal to accept the following terms and conditions associated with the failure to submit the orders for services offered on this site.


2. Conditions 

1. A prerequisite for use of the services is to register by filling out a form. You also establish your username and password, which confirms the order.
The information given on the form must be true.

2. The user is obliged to immediately update the information recorded on the websites of each change.
As a user should also notify us via email to photoever@extremaalbum.se so we can update address information in the shipping and billing services.

3. The user provides when registering their consent to the collection and processing of personal data by the services on the terms set out in the Privacy Policy section of these rules.

4. You may not share your account with others. Any attempt to interfere with other users is unacceptable.

5. The user purchaser of photographic products certifies and guarantees that all the details of his personal data are accurate, true and is his property.

6. The user has the overall responsibility for the contents of the transferred material (in particular for any copyright infringement).

3. The service, the cost of the product


1. Services through our programs, allows the user to request and transfer, graphic images.
Pictures later according to the order form - will be processed by the service to produce photo albums, photo, or other products offered by our services.

2. After ordering, you will receive an e-mail to the mailbox you registered. It is your responsibility as a customer to control on that everything is as it should.
If you have not received an order confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible, but only chek your e-mail, trash and spam filters.
You can also check your order in the order history here, you see how.

3. The owner of this Services reserves the right to suspend or cancel your order in the event of circumstances temporarily or completely prevent implementation of the agreement.
And if there is doubt about the contents of your order. If we cancel your order, you will be informed of this via e-mail.
If you cancel your order, you will be informed about the actual costs incurred, and which you are required to pay.

4. The actual price of the product, selected by the user, is the price you have accepted at the time and date of the contract, provided that no other agreements have been written in the comments of your order.
In this case, the amount approved by the changing costs change according to the information in the comments of the agreement.
In the above price does not include VAT, unless explicitly stated at the location, it is a gross price.

5. When it comes to invoicing takes it from Sweden, and we follow the applicable tax rules in relation to the Nordic countries and the EU.
In Sweden we invoice photo books 6% VAT
5a. When invoicing, we charge a invoice fee. 

6. Prices can be changed at any time before accepting the order as a user. Services will do everything to ensure that prices shown on all web pages is accurate, relevant and timely.

7: Settlement of transactions may occur as follows: payment by bank transfer to the boom giro owner indicates on the invoice, at the latest on the due date, we charge a reminder fee at the reminder.

8: The user must pay the full amount in accordance with established principles on the website or direct contract with the owner of the site.

9: The invoice from us in physical form in any order, packets are sent with PostNord's corporate package. 

On some occasions,
it is sent directly to the appropriate transport company from the lab directly to you, the customer, in these instances, the invoice by email.

These occasions can be, bulky, urgent, or that we have the holiday.


4. delivery


1. Items will be delivered in accordance with paragraph 3:9 Assuming the lab, choose one of the following: GLS courier, priority mail, or courier.

The exact cost of delivery is dependent on the shape of the collie, weight, size and geographical location of delivery by courier ordered by you.

2. Services will do everything to give you the ordered products as soon as possible, we are not responsible in case of delay in the implementation of the transport.

3. In the absence of the expected delivery of photographic products, you should immediately inform the service about the situation via email, in each case, we try to find a rational solution for you.


5: The right to consumer complaints


1. In accordance with paragraph 5.2 You have the right to cancel the order without giving any reason within seven working days from the date of receipt of the product.
You are you for the return to the lab. So unless there is a product that contains or is an image applied in or on the product,
then all brodukter unique image, then you will receive a refund (minus shipping cost) you paid for the product photo.

2. Pay particular attention to the fact that it is not possible to cancel your order for a product that contains images uploaded by the user.

3. To cancel your order you must inform us of this intention in writing (a form acceptable e-mail) and send such a message to the address on the website of the service.
Or contact us by phone, the order started, you are financially responsible for material consumption, etc.

4. These terms and conditions override other conditions.

5. Complaints can be submitted in writing or by e-mail within 7 days from the date of receipt of the ordered products, the page specified location.

Product approved and delivered to your customer, will not be accepted as a complaint. In order to assess the claim, we require a written description, and clear photos that show the entire product and detailed pictures.

6. Complaints procedure begins when the product is delivered, that the complaint referred, along with a detailed description without justification will no complaint will be considered.

7. Liability under the guarantee only covers defects or non-compliance with the order created in the process of performing the contract. 

We are not responsible for damage to goods damaged during shipping or fault of the user.

8. Picture Quality, the lab is not responsible for the unsatisfactory quality of the prints it due to low quality that comes with the digital original.

9. Costs of unjustifiable complaint charged.

10. A return and the approved claim, we may use as demonstration copies.


6. Users Obligations


1. You bear all responsibility for safety and use of passwords and logins issued in connection with the provision of services.
You should take all measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the password and logins in the use of services,
and not allow a situation where someone other than yourself without permission from the user will use the services offered.

2. The user also agrees to certify that all information provided at the request of his person, is authentic, and that he did not use our services with the intent to commit fraud or illegal act,
or, as called for commercial purposes. 

3. Uploading photos or other graphic content and material that could fall disruptive, threatening, defamatory or blasphemous, pornographic or signs of pedophilia, racism,
or lack of respect for other faiths. Forbidden are also images that can show or contain hate against any person or group, or if they are criminals, abusive, threatening, bullying or violate applicable law.

4. You are free to send only the images that the user who owns the copyright to (or when you get permission from the author photo for distribution and copying of the picture).
You must also ensure that none of the submitted images, or part thereof shall not in any way violate the copyright, trademark, design right or other intellectual property of third parties.

5. The service will not check the content of the images transmitted by the user. But if any of the images sent by the user to follow these conditions, in particular,
Section 6.3 as these images will be removed with immediate effect without any liability to the user who posted pictures with such content.

6. In the case when the material sent by the user violates these conditions, we will have the right to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

7. You must ensure and guarantee that your computer uses is fully consistent with the technical requirements needed to insert image files, and that the images you sent,
are free of viruses or other code or cipher for polluting and destructive properties.

8. Use of the Internet for the transmission of the images is entirely at your own risk and subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
The service will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the user images as a result of the activities of the network.

9. With the help of Internet users to download, transfer files with pictures, to make all activities at your own risk and only if you are fully responsible for any damage to their own computer systems,
and data loss due to charging of such material.

10. You agree to compensate and protect the service from all costs, claims, expenses, step in a legal process,
we exposed the misuse of our services and the violation of the provisions of Section 5, and in case of violations of any of these terms and conditions .
In the event of such breach, the user recognizes and confirms that it complies with the solution as a service agreement with the service and cancel all waiting
to satisfy requests for photographic products previously supplied this user. The service also reserves the right to refuse access to services in the future for you, if you have violated any of the provisions.


7. Privacy


1. Personal data included if the user is treated according to the law on protection of personal data and legislation.

2. You have the ability to view and change your personal information registered in the service undertakes to do everything possible to ensure effective protection of the privacy of the users of the service.

3. Information you during registration and subsequent use of the service is used for the purposes of proper implementation of the orders for you.

4. The data collected in the system and notified in connection with the service is only available materials a small group of personnel responsible for the operation of the service and execution of orders in the laboratory,
to the extent necessary to carry out orders.

5. This personal information, especially e-mail address can be used to send information about the service, as well as commercial offers and information to offer their services to registered users.

6. You have the right to declare that they do not wish to receive marketing information. The relevant option is available in the account settings.
6b. You also agree that we use provided contact information in billing services and for deliveries, tex Visma - PostNord - Schenker - TNT or similar

7. Materials submitted to the execution of the order is removed from the server after 15 days from the date the product was sent to the recipient.

8. Order of the user of the system must be understood as a single agreement between you and the service to perform the services specified in the order.

9. The site owner is not responsible for delays in the provision of services or inability to meet due to circumstances beyond the control of the owner of the service,
including, in particular, but not limited to: strike, failure of telecommunication networks or system of third-party gateway failures public network operators,
the delays encountered during transport, natural disasters and other emergencies. In the event of the circumstances described above, service is engaged as soon as possible to inform the user about the event and its causes.


8. Security and copyright.


1. The service will do everything to ensure the safety of all the pictures and details of credit and debit cards, which were obtained from the user when they make his contract.

2. The contents of all websites belonging to the owner and called the service everything is related and linked to the services provided by the service is protected by international copyright and other intellectual property rights.

3. All products, names and logos mentioned in connection with the Services are trademarks or trade names of individual owners.
The user may upload and download material solely to place an order for a product photo.
But you must not under any circumstances modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, transmit or distribute any material,
and can not download any material, including (but not limited to) text, graphics, video files, messages, scripts, codes and / or software without our consent.

4. You as a photographer - the owner of the image (submitted in writing by the user) is always the copyright holder of the image and the products that use them.
The user that sends images to the service undertakes to provide the service limited, fully paid and royalty-free license, without granting the right to exclusive use,
modification, public demonstration, reproduce and distribute such material sent by the user only at the site. In cases not covered by these rules shall apply the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.




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