Our company.

Here we have our business. 

And you are welcome to book a meeting, we have up to three beds. 

If you want to come during the day, we can rent out parts of the house via Booking.com.

There you see when it is free and if you book our accommodation two nights, you get 50% on your next order up to 5000: -.  


The production 

The entire production is located in Poland. We handle all contact with all photographers in Swedish or English. 

We handle the contact with the lab so you as a photographer have as few worries as possible. 



The page was created by us to show and tell you more about our products than on the order page.

See it as an inspiration page with tips and tricks.

You can also see it as an image bank, you can click on images and download to use them to show your customers what material texts and models can look like etc.

Do you want pictures of your products when they pass us?

Tell us and we will fix it before we send it on.




We help you get customers and tell them about products that are possible to get from a photographer.
We sometimes get the question of being able to show customers products then this is the page you should show.
Here we present photographers regionally or on our map.

We can create e-books and mini websites, we also post advertisements for you.

We do all this free of charge for photographers

The site is funded by affiliate links, maybe someone is right for you.

CEO Izabela Norberg & Magnus Norberg.



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