Shipping, payments, complaints


We do our utmost to ensure that the products you order are carefully and securely packaged,

but we ask you to check the condition in the presence of the courier.

When we receive the packages from the manufacturer, we will forward with Postnord to the nearest delivery point to your address.
You receive notification by mobile and email, so it is important we have the right information.

If you want us to send directly to your customer, it is important that we receive all information, including mobile numbers.

Then you will each receive a notification so you know how it goes.

 The shipping cost is about 160 Sec up to 10 Kg, if the packages are bulky, there can be 2 packages

eg if you buy many canvas direct delivery from lab 250 Sec, (then it is Schenker who delivers)




We create invoices on an ongoing basis when ordering.

You then have 14 days to pay the invoice, if it is not paid when we receive the products to us, we will not send but wait until we receive the payment.

In Order History, you can check the current status of their orders.

Once you have sent the order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

The price information you see is net and excluding shipping.

We also charge an invoicing fee of 38 SEK

With normal order intake, we have just over three weeks' production time. We try to pack orders but there is nothing that can be requested.



Delivery times at CHRISTMAS.

To be able to deliver products before Christmas, we have a deadline around 18 November.
Feel free to plan your orders continuously during the season as Christmas means that we make up to 300 books a day.



Product that has been approved and handed out to your customer will not be approved as a complaint.
In order to be able to assess the complaint, we need a written description and
clear pictures that show the entire product and detailed pictures that you send by email to us.

We must have the Order number and the product ID number to be able to handle your complaint.
Attach clear pictures that show what it's about
You must also return the product to us in the cheapest and safest way

Studioline is a price-squeezed product that where we do not accept small beauty defects as a cause of complaint,

a beauty flaw can be some small "stain" somewhere or the like.


At Studioline, a blue line appears in the bay, which is not a reason for complaint.
We recommend never designing over the bay.

Color variation on the material of the book for the outside may vary slightly due to the starting material,

which can occur especially on the linen materials which are a natural material.

When we produce other photo books, a careful quality control takes place
and in the event of errors detected, an internal complaint is made before it is sent.

Extremaalbum Photoever AB, Gjutaregatan 16, 666 30 Bengtsfors.
If the complaint is approved, we will deduct the shipping cost on the next order.

- No complaint will be approved until we have the product in our hand!

- It is the person in charge of the lab who decides whether a product is approved as a complaint or not.

If it is not approved, we will send it back to the sender and invoice our cost.

No complaint is reimbursed with money or balances.

Also check that the files for new production are available on your server site.

Binding of books has a function guarantee.

The email is sent to and goes directly to the producer for assessment.




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