Today, there are several different programs to design your photo books with, on our site  there you can read more.
Or go directly to our own software ExtremDesigner  which is easy to use and free for our customers.

Below we also write about how to deliver files for personalization or your logo.

Make sure you do not have important parts within 1 cm from the outer edges. Then it's going well!
It is also best with numbering in this way 

example: 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg etc ...
on spreads that you deliver.
If you have a photo on the front of the album, call this: cover.jpg

You can, of course, use the Adobe products Photoshop or Indesign for this. Then think of the following.

If you have problems creating an album or want to know the best way to do it, contact us for more information.


Spread Specifications:
■ Keep important parts at least 5mm from the edge due to pruning the album. (Safety margin)
■ For an album 40x30cm, at least 250 DPI is required for best results.
■ File format:. JPG.
Color profiles for printing:
 ■ Standard sRGB
 ■ Adobe RGB
Here is a list of the most common sizes you should have on your spreadsheets for different album sizes (height x width):


Book Size: 25 x 35 cm  / 10"x14" / - Spread size  -  254 x 711 mm

Book Size: 30 x 30 cm  / 12"x12" / - Spread size -  305 x 610 mm

Book Size: 30 x 25 cm  / 12"x10" / - Spread size  -  305 x 508 mm

Book Size: 25 x 25 cm  / 10"x10" / - Spread size  -  254 x 508 mm  -  3000 x 6000 pix

Book Size: 25 x 20 cm  / 10"x 8" /  - Spread size  -  254 x 406 mm

Book Size: 20 x 30 cm  /  8"x12" /  - Spread size  -  203 x 610 mm

Book Size: 20 x 20 cm  /  8"x 8" /   - Spread size  -  203 x 406 mm  -  2398 x 4795 pix

If you have any questions or comments, contact us!


When you get to the point of personalization, you get a few different options and choices.

You can choose one of the fonts we have as an example, and write your text in 1 to three lines and choose the size.

You can select a symbol and combine with a text.

Choose one of our projects and enter your text with the selected font.

You can create your very own project and deliver it as a vector file, in the file formats ai, eps or cdr

Can duinte or have the opportunity to deliver a psd or pdf in stock, you can also send a jpg but it costs more.

If you do not deliver a vector file for your project or logo, the lab must work on your file, which then costs a little extra.

Deliver as large a file as possible to the projects or logos that you want us to use for the best possible results.

On our info page,, we show and tell you more about the front page's possibilities.



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